Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Gimme One Riddim is a hit!

Wow! I'm still overwhelmed by what has happened with Gimme One Riddim!  We had an amazing school tour and successful run for the public as Winchester Street Theatre!  Thank you to all of our sponsors, donors, families, friends, and of course a stellar cast for making our vision come true.  We couldn't have done this without every single one of you!  For those that missed it, an encore performance is in the works, so stay tuned for all the details!! www.gimmeoneriddim.wordpress.com

Friday, February 8, 2013

And we continue to make history...

CONGRATULATIONS Jamaican pair skating team Nigel Davis and Tamra Mitchell. They made history by winning silver medal at the Special Olympic World Winter Games in PYEONGCHANG, Korea.

Nigel Davis also won silver medal in the singles category during the figure skating competition. 

JA to di worl!!!!

Thursday, January 31, 2013

NEWS! OAC Grant Award & New Upcoming Production!

So I haven't posted a proper happy new year, so here it is....Happy 2013 everyone!

2012 was a rollercoaster to say the least, but I have a feeling that 2013 is gonna treat me better, because it's already off to a good start!

First, I'm happy to say that I've been awarded an International Residency Grant from the Ontario Arts Council!  I will be taking up my summer in New York this year to do in-depth research into African-American social dances, in which my focus will be on vernacular jazz and it's connection to hip hop culture.  Extremely excited to dive into this because Moncell Durden aka iLLKozby will be my mentor throughout this process.  If you don't know about this man check him out here!  I brought him up to Toronto this past summer and he offered some great insight into social dance practices.  Thank you so much to the Ontario Arts Council for supporting this project!

And secondly, myself and Jasmyn Fyffe have been selected to co-produce and present a dance production as part of TD Then & Now Black History Month Series!  Together we are choreographing a new dance-theatre production titled "Gimme One Riddim" featuring a cast of some of our favorite male dancers.  We will be doing a school tour in the month of February, as well as public performances March 13-15 at Winchester Street Theatre! Check out the blog for all the show details..

As for my knee...it's getting there!  I just need to push a little harder (well...a lot harder) to get it's full use back!

Thanks for reading!  Have a good night!  Or day depending on what time you're reading this at :)

Thursday, November 1, 2012

The Past Few Months...


It's been a while...

Stuff has happened...

And stuff hasn't happened...

But one big thing happened.  I had a repair done on my meniscus....

Back in August of 2011, I was in an evening rehearsal, and injured myself doing an inward turn down towards the floor.  I heard a snap, but at the time I didn't know what it was...so I just hobbled my way home from rehearsal.  I took a bit of time off from dance (but not much), but was back at it again, and going hard at it.  I finally got an MRI and X-ray done and found out that I severely tore my meniscus (which I still dancing on before I found out that it was torn) My choices were to continue dancing with this set back, or talk to an orthopedic surgeon.....so I spoke to a surgeon, and set up an appointment to have the scope done...after dancing for a year on it.

And this is what they did (1 day after)... and yes it hurt...

I wasn't able to bear any weight on my left leg, which meant I was on crutches for about 5 weeks. 

The pain killers made me sick and had me vomiting in the middle of the night, so I stopped taking them. 

Totally not what I was expecting, which left me with so many mixed emotions of guilt, sadness, and frustration.  It wasn't that I couldn't dance, but the simple things that I could do on a daily basis were taken away from me, which made me dependent on others (hence the feelings of guilt).  But I have to say my family is the best.  They have been there for me from the beginning and for that I am forever grateful.

Drawing from my nieces and nephew...

2 months later, I am able to walk.  No dancing yet though.  I experience a bit of pain here and there, but it's much better.  I've got about 4 more months of recovery to go, which is what I figured.

It's actually been good to be able to take myself out of 'dance' for a minute.  Stepping away from things has given me a chance to really identify what's important to me, and what I want for my life, and what my purpose is.  Which can actually be very fulfilling (to me at least - especially at this stage in my life ;).

I'll be back on dance floors soon...with a refreshed mind and different outlook on things....

Thank you those who have checked in on me and continue to do so..it means more than you know.

lots of love...

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Somethin's cookin in "The Kitchen"

Back in June, I presented a new piece of work titled "The Kitchen" at the Talent Defined Dance Festival.  With inspiration from Lindy Hop, Quincy Jones, and the film "Hellzapoppin", I created this piece and featured some of my favorite dance artists in the city - Jojo Dancer, Roney Lewis, Irvin Washington, Jasmyn Fyffe, and Esie Mensah.  This piece is part of something bigger that I'm working on!  So for those that keep asking - YES - there is more to come!  Here it is!  Enjoy!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Bang the Battle! Then Bang the Party!

It's about to be a party!!  If you love funk, hip hop (I mean from the 90's hip hop), soul, house - then Bang the Party is the place to be!  My boy Neo Boog and AndyCapp are bringing you Bang the Battle! - the pre-event before the party!  I will be judging the hip hop category, and the infamous Sweepy (Rock Steady Crew, LA) will be judging the popping battle.    Click here for the event page on Facebook!  Come out and party with us; even if you're not there to battle, let's just have a good time :)